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Let the bees rest



Let the bees rest



Every poetic moment in Liz Holland’s Let the bees rest reveals the truth of a deep and powerful knowing. Holland moves the reader through fatigue, unmet expectations, “self-harm and catechism,” tenderness and absence, as she draws them into her confidence. Throughout this collection, Holland’s nimble hand compels the reader to bear witness to their own mortality. She weaves the pain and beauty of living into poems that channel a spirit “hardened by the insistence of the body to break,” but also “soothe a honeycomb chest into a great softening.” Readers like myself will return to these poems often in order to undergo the inexorable force of self-revelation.

Liz Holland’s Let the bees rest invites us into a space, a garden, where the reader can feel safe to stay a while. These poems are “an army of gentle witnesses” providing a portrait of how one can continue to evolve through life’s challenges; religious trauma, uncertain familial relationships, and addiction. If you let her, Holland will show you how to find love as big as the ocean, to become the ocean yourself.

Kari Ann Ebert
Poetry and Interview Editor, The Broadkill Review

Micaela Walley
Author of Cut the Lights



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Liz Holland is a poet with her MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore. Nominated for ‘Best of the Net’ in 2021, her work can be found in Remington Review, Broadkill Review, Little Patuxent Review, Welter, and several other literary journals. She lives in Baltimore with her fur-son Brax. She can be found on IG and Twitter @cottonswords 

Previously published work:


The Broadkill Review 'My body is a flawless ceremony,' 'Eden on fire,' 'Forgive me, I'm no good at this'


Little Patuxent Review '7-year-old in a polka dot jumper'


Remington Review 'Dating in accuracy measures,' 'Mother/nature'


Howard County Poetry and Literature Society second place winner of the 2021 Ellen Kennedy Conroy Poetry Prize 'Lifeboy swept away'

Marias at Sampaguitas 'Tensile strength of the heart'



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